Italian blogging site

Ciao ragazzi,

Here you have the space to publish your cultural blogs in English every two Fridays before 8:00 p.m. Please read the following guidelines:

1) the blog needs to have a minimum of 150 words. If you write just the minimum, you will not receive as much credit as someone who has reflected on his/her topic of choice in a thorough way.

2) you can write about anything you want as long as it is related to any cultural topic dealing with Italian culture, or with Italy: politics, literature, sports, movies, education, hobbies, traditions, history, etc.

3) please do not cut and paste from Internet sites. That is mere copying what somebody else wrote and it is not academically honest. You can talk about a piece of news or a topic that you read about in the Internet but write about it with your own words (summarize, or paraphrase and give credit to your source), and especially reflect about it. If you selected a piece of news, explain why you chose it and what you think about it.

4) please do a good research of your topic.