Blood and Mannequins

Recently in Italy there has been a great deal of controversy surrounding politics, immigration, and the first black minister. When we think of the immigration problem, we automatically think that the United States is the only country where this is a major issue but we would be wrong. Last Wednesday in Rome, the far-right  Forza Nuova left three fake-blood stained mannequins outside of the office of Cecile Kyenge, the countries first black cabinet member. Kyenge was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, she became an Italian citizen and married one as well. Kyenge has faced many racist and demeaning remarks from other parties such as referring to her as an animal, such as a bear or orangutan. Kyenge is attempting to reduce the time it takes to become a legal citizen and to automatically make a child  born in Italy a citizen. The mannequins are supposed to represent dead bodies that will come from immigrants causing crime and immigration reform. Kyenge believes that this reform is necessary for the country to grow and continues to face much hatred. Kyenge defends her stance and remarks that these actions are not worthy of Italy’s rich heritage, even when someone threw bananas at her saying it was a waste of good food. These actions against her are atrocious, and have no place anywhere in today’s society. If a person becomes a legal citizen and pays their dues then the country benefits, just because a person is an immigrant does not mean they are a criminal. Cecile Kyenge is fighting a very noble fight that is happening in many western countries and we must accept sensible change or the system will become worse and then collapse.


One thought on “Blood and Mannequins

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Jonathan,
    Grazie mille per il tuo post. You are very right, the fact that a person is an immigrant does not make him/her criminal or problematic for the country. Cecile Kyenge is facing awful times and I am appalled at how blatantly racist politicians are. If these people, representing voters, are this open, how worse can others be in the hidden? I am disheartened by these events and I hope that the country keeps moving in the right direction, supported by the majority of its people.

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