History of Roma/Gypsy

Many of the Gypsies didn’t originally come from Europe, they were originally from India. Why they came to Europe no one knows but they came to Europe living on their wits and assuming they were Lords, and Dukes, wanting help from higher authority. The pope gave them safe homes to live and to promote their faith, so that everyone was free to believe in their own “God”, this gave them protection throughout Europe by the higher authority. A few years later another Pope gave them protection to travel to all Christian countries, when living in these “Christian” countries they would live off the the wealth of the community, but when funds were a problem then they used their wits to get the money they needed. Most of the gypsy women would become “fortune tellers”, reading cards to tell you what your future would hold, but when people would get their card, or palms read they wouldn’t realize that their ‘clients’ were poor as well so they ended up not making the money that they needed but still pursued to read fortunes. Other than the fortune tellers, most gypsies got the bad reputations as thefts and pick pocketers, to make ends meet, when they were caught they were usually killed for the money they stole (they were supposed to be religious people and the Pope gave them a ticket to live a happy life so the fact that they stole was a big deal). They traveled around Europe and the men usually traded and sold horses, worked with medal and became musicians, while the women still told fortunes to make money to keep their properties. Even though they were religious people who believed in god they were feared by the people and this built up movements within the communities to the governments against them. Edicts started against them in Spain which made them move underground, Spain tried for the next 300 years to prohibit gypsy culture to get rid of them. Other countries followed Spain in making Gypsies disappear and change their customs. Some European countries made them become slaves , until 1856 when they gained their freedom again. During the 20th century Nazi Germany troops put most of the gypsies in concentration camps where they were executed. Gypsies still live today but are not portrayed as they were years ago when they first settled in Europe, they still have their gypsy customs but are not as “gypsy like” as they were many years ago. They work on their own behalf and still respect their elderly, and they make sure they arrange weddings for their daughters.




The Early History, The Gypsies


3 thoughts on “History of Roma/Gypsy

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Balee,
    Grazie per il tuo post. I would like to know why you chose this topic and what connection you found between this topic and Italy because you mentioned Spain but not Italy in terms of especial edicts or laws passed against gypsies. Your post was very interesting and accurate. Gypsies emigrated from India looking for better opportunities to leave but they got their names from “Egypt”, a country where they stopped for a while. Unfortunately, in many European countries, gypsies are still typified as being pickpockets, thieves, and crooks. However, others have fully integrated in mainstream life and live on their honest work.

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