Balee Wahl: Blog #2 (Family Culture and Values)

Italian proverbs are one of the most important factors in their culture and history, proverbs are lessons taught and values that are taught through language. It helps people understand the how their culture is composed. The most common proverb is about family, friendship, and love.

Family is the most important value in Italian culture, strong family ties, this means they will do anything for their family, financially or emotionally. They also have many children due to their Roman Catholic tradition. Northern families are small, while southern families are large.

Italy is one of the major european fashion industries, which make italians very fashion forward. In Italy what a person wears depicts who they are mentally and socially from the first impression of what they are wearing.

The arts was born during the Renaissance in Italy, which the greatest artistes such as Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, and Da Vinci. Italians also have many talented composers and opera singers such as, Vivaldi, Puccini, Rossini, and Verdi which were first introduced in Italy. They also had an impact in literature and film. Needless to say Italy has a very artistic side to them and it is one of the important cultures to them.

Italians are hard workers who work six days a week and have off on Sundays when usually all businesses are closed. They know when to relax and have fun and usually do so by going to the beach, dances, sporting events, and the movies to name a few. They love to socialize and have relationships so they are always involved in social events.

The reason I chose to do family culture and values is because I am half Italian, and my family that is Italian are always supporting each other through anything and will do anything for our family. I also wanted to know more about my culture and values.





One thought on “Balee Wahl: Blog #2 (Family Culture and Values)

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Balee,
    I liked a lot how you talked about Italian family values. They are indeed family oriented and very proud of their traditions. You are right when talking about their working and studying calendar of six days and not five, as in most countries. Italians pay a lot of attention to first impressions and how to look presentable and well-tailored. The expression “fare bella figura” (to cause a good impression with your looks) is central to their life, especially in Northern Italy, always more industrious and prone to look the part in their many industries and companies.

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