As an Education major, I am very interested in the different education systems around the world.  I wanted to see what the education system was like in Italy.  It turns out it is very similar to what we have here in the United States.  

There is five phases in Italy’s education system;  Kindergarten, primary, lower secondary, upper secondary, and College/ University.  Children can also go to preschools before kindergarten, just like children in here do.  Primary schooling starts at age six, and this would be like their elementary school.  Primary schools go up to sixth grade.  Lower secondary would be their middle school, and upper secondary is high school.  They study all of the subject Americans study, but the one thing that surprised me was they all study English.  They start in primary school with their english course, so they are almost fluent by the time they to secondary school.  

It was interesting to see how similar our two education systems really are.  They go to school for the same amount of time, and they study the same subjects.  It is nice to see that education is the same world wide.



One thought on “Education

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Melissa,
    Thanks for doing research in the Italian education system. One detail that you would like to know is that Italian students go to class on Saturdays as well. They stay in school/university until Saturday noon. Therefore, their weekend is very short!

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