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Italy Is know for its fashion and film. For a week every fall and spring the world turns its eyes to Milan for the latest fashions. I love to watch what new designer  are up and come but also I love to see what the big names have cooked up for the seasons. Many of the well know names if fashion are form Italy, I believe its because the Italian people have a eye for beauty. Everyday women in Italy are always well dressed and take pride in what they are wearing, which is very different from the women in the US.  Another thing that i love about the Italians is there film. I love movies and always I am  on the look out for a great foreign film. I think one of my most favorite Italian films is Io sono l’amore or in english I am loved. This film is about colorful and rich not just in its plot but the whole feel of it is beautiful. The director takes everything even the little details in to consideration. It makes for the most striking movie. Its a feats for the mind and eyes. This film is one that I believe everyone should watch.

I am Love trailer

Fashion Week Spring 2013


One thought on “Fashion & Film

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Kelsey,
    I am so happy you chose this film! Not everybody knows about this stylish movie. I particularly love the way it combines the haute couture of Milan with melodrama, and family traditions. The music by John Adams is also very good and the plot is well-developed. I am a film lover and I particularly like Italian movies. If we get a chance in the semester, I would love to play it for you but I think we will have to wait until the second semester, 🙂

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