Italy economy/labor

The economic recession that spread across Europe over the past several years has had a big impact on Italy. The manufacturing sector in Italy has lost many jobs due to globalization. One specific story of workers losing employment is at a company that deals with elevator components called Hydronic Lift. The workers left the worksite for summer vacation and returned to a bolted gate that indicated they lost their job. The workers belonged to the metalworkers union and were one of many stories of job loses in the industry. There was no warning to the workers before the summer break and their was no indication from the company that they were in trouble financially. The workers are now put in a tough situation, where they are too young to retire and are too old to look for another profession or job. Italy is  having a very difficult time revamping their economy after the recent recession. They are actually the only economic power projected  to see a decrease in GDP in 2013. A term mentioned in the article was globalization, which is an important aspect to the global economy. Many people do not realize the role globalization plays in individual economies. The world is now so close connected that business practices are spread now more than ever. Manufacturing jobs for instance are outsourced to countries where labor is a lot more affordable. But in return consumers at home get better prices. Globalization brings good and bad for individual countries. Unfortunately jobs are lost and people need to find other ways to make a living. I chose this topic because like Italy, the United States is seeing the same kind of job loss. But the interesting thing about this story in Italy is the process. There was no warning or severance pay given to employees.(From what i know) They just showed up one day and had no job. In the United States there seems to be a different way of doing business or treating employees in such instances. Though this topic may seem boring or unimportant, as a political science major I find this interesting. Even though I didn’t get to do much research on the employment rights in Italy, this article has details that differ from what we are used to in the United States. 




One thought on “Italy economy/labor

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Dante,
    I also find this article extremely interesting. I agree with you that unfortunately, in Italy and in Spain as well, situations as appalling as these may happen and bring no harm on the employers or any type of legal repercussion (fines, especially) for the companies. I suppose that many of the workers will be guided by a labor lawyer to sue as a group but the legal system is so painstakingly slow that most of them will be reconsidering doing it because it will take a lot of time for them to get a result and much money will be spent in the process. I liked how you discussed the pros and cons of globalization, with the issue of outsourcing on the one hand, and the better prices on the other.

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