Rome has always been of particular interest to me. Since I was a grade school student, I thought the Romans were the meanest, coolest guys around. But the city of Rome has much more history than just the capital of the Roman Empire. It’s also a historical, and cultural capital of the world. The city of Roma has so much history surrounding it. Rome’s history stretches back 2500 years, to it’s founding in 753 BC. Rome also houses Vatican City, which is essentially the capital of all Catholicism. Rome is an old city, that still stands a purpose today! Roma is now the capital of Italy. Roma also has beautiful architecture, and many standing buildings from the Roman rule!  But even with those Roman buildings, there is also architecture that spans history. There’s neoclassicism influence, renaissance influences, and even buildings built by the fascists during Mussolini’s reign. Rome is truly a city that has spanned time and withstood all of the pressures of history.


One thought on “Roma

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Shane,
    I am so glad that you wrote about the different trends and eras touching the city of Rome. It has been able to stand still and beautiful despite the passing of time. By the way, I recommend you Fellini’s movie, “Roma, città aperta” (Rome, open city), which deals in particular with the effects of fascism in the city. I was also obsessed with the Roman Empire when I was a younger. I still treasure my childhood memories of the historical TV series “I, Claudius”. It was a gem!

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