Some Sports in Italy

I have always loved sports and had a lot of respect for athletes. When I first think of sports in Italy, I automatically think of soccer. I figured I could write this blog about some sports in Italy to see what other sports are popular and maybe find out why most people think of soccer when first thinking of Italian sports. In America, we would say soccer, but in Italy, soccer is called “football” or “futsal” (which is basically just indoor soccer). The reason I think of soccer when thinking of Italian sports is because it really is the most popular sport of the country. Italy actually practices a lot of the same sports that we do in America. Water sports are also very popular. These sports include water polo, swimming, and diving. Italians also play water polo, basketball, volleyball, rugby, and tennis. They wrestle and cycle also. Another activity that is played in Italy that I would only know about through attending multiple Italian festivals is bocce. My mom told me that the name bocce refers to the Italian word for kiss, which is “bacio” (to kiss is “baciare”). This is because in the game, you are supposed to let each ball “kiss” each other. Sports are a good way to learn more about an area’s culture of the past and of the present. I enjoyed researching for this blog because I learned how alike our two countries are, but also how they’re different.





One thought on “Some Sports in Italy

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Nina,
    That was very interesting. I know how important calcio (soccer) is for Italians as well as other sports which are also currently played in the States. I appreciate the fact you explained the origin and sense behind “bocce”, 🙂

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