The Region of Abruzzo and Other Establishments after the Trojan War


As I stated in my last blog which talked about my family, I decided to read into the region we are from, which is Abruzzo. Abruzzo broke off from the former settlement known as Aprutium, which today is the province of Teramo. According to the legend, after the Trojan war, both sides (the Trojans and Achaeans) were wandering around the sea for quite a long time. They ended up establishing many settlements on the Apennine Peninusla. Now King Aeneas, who fought on the Trojan side, wandered around the Mediterranean for many months after the Battle of Troy. He came about to the city of Lazio and ended up marrying the King’s daughter Lavinia. These descendants would later found Rome. As for Abruzzo, many cities were founded here by the heros of the Trojan War. King Argos Diomedes who fought with the Greeks, established many towns in Puglia and Vasto, which is considered one of the most beauitiful cities in Abruzzo. 

Fast-forward to today. What is the region like now? Abruzzo has always had its own characteristics and still holds its rich cultural heritage. Part of this is due to its inaccessibility because of the mountainous terrain. The cool thing about Abruzzo is that the people living there today take great care in the historical monuments as well as ancient traditions. This makes sightseeing around the cities and areas one of the most beautiful experience of Abruzzo.


One thought on “The Region of Abruzzo and Other Establishments after the Trojan War

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Drake,
    I truly enjoyed reading about Abruzzo and especially looking at the beautiful picture you included in your blog. As you rightly explained, the origins of the region go back to the mythical Trojan war. I find this to be fascinating because mythology is essentially ingrained within the historical past of the area.

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