Wedding Traditions in Italy

During my senior year I took a class called Sociology. This class was based on accepting any culture and knowing things about it. One aspect I liked the most was searching for different traditions in distinct places. Talking about them in front of the class or writing about them made me see how many faces people could make.


In Italy wedding begin like this. The groom will serenade the woman before proposing and when he proposes he will give her a diamond since they believe diamonds are created by the flame of love. They also believe Sundays are meant for wedding because they mean luck specially if the bride wears green the day before. If she gets to wears gold before the wedding she will be sent bad luck. The day of their wedding they will experience some challenges like a fallen broom, a crying baby and a few shores inside the house to see if they are prepared. In addition, the groom has to carry a piece of iron for those who envy him and wish him bad vibes. After the wedding there’s the reception. In it all men are supposed to kiss the bride to make the groom jealous and make him jealous. During the reception, the bride carries a satin pouch where guests can place envelopes of money for the chance to dance with her. Of course no reception would be complete without dancing the traditional tarantella, which is the dance of the spider and involves light and quick movements with passionate hand gestures. When the wedding ends a couple from the wedding will break a glass and depending on the pieces that were broken, it meant the years they would be together.


Stephanie Acosta


One thought on “Wedding Traditions in Italy

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Stephanie,
    Thanks a lot for the research on wedding traditions. It was such an interesting topic. In fact, wedding ceremonies and customs vary from region to region in Italy but you mentioned some important elements such as the broken glass, the presence of iron to cast out bad vibes or the satin pouch to collect envelopes.
    I truly enjoyed it, 🙂

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