In 1883, Carlo Collodi’s children novel, The Adventures of Pinocchio was published.  To this day it is still classic throughout Italy and in America.  It became famous in America  when Walt Disney studios made it into an animated movie in 1940.  

Carlo Collodi has written many children classics but The Adventures of Pinocchio is his most famous work.  Carlo is from Florence, Italy and lived there his whole life.  The Adventures of Pinocchio is about magic puppet made by a poor carpenter named Geppetto.  Geppetto names his marionette puppet Pinocchio and treats him like a son.  Pinocchio is quite mischievous and every time he lies his nose grows.  As soon as Pinocchio learns to walk he runs away from home and gets himself into a lot of trouble.  Throughout his adventure Pinocchio runs into a talking cricket, an evil puppet master, a fox and a cat, and eventually a fairy with turquoise hair that ultimately changes Pinocchio and makes him into a good puppet.  It is a very intense story and a lot darker than the Disney version we all grew up with.  In Italy Pinocchio is very popular icon and you can buy wooden Pinocchio toys in shops throughout Italy.  I actually have a traditional Pinocchio handmade wooden toy in my room at home that my parents bought for me when they went to Italy when I was little.



One thought on “Pinocchio

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Marissa,
    Pinocchio has been one of my favorite childhood stories and I liked a lot your post. As you rightly said, the true story by Collodi is much more different than the Disney’s adaptation, which I also liked but not to the same degree.
    Grazie mille!

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