Double Jeopardy & the Italian Legal System

In current news, American Amanda Knox is facing double jeopardy in Italy for the murder of her roommate.  This contrasts to American customs that do not allow a return trial after an acquittal, Italy allows such trials.  Amanda Knox served four years in prison in Italy before her acquittal and must now go back for another trial.  She does not plan on returning to Italy for her retrial.

According to many people worldwide, Italy’s legal system is corrupt.  When it comes to criminal trials, they are very drawn out.  It could take years for a criminal trial to come to a close and all that time could be taken away from the convicted who may spend their time in jail.  Another problem is that the scientific evidence from laboratories is not thoroughly looked over like it is in the United States.  Because it comes directly from a lab the court does not question what is presented and most likely doesn’t take account for human error.  According to a 2009 poll in Italy, only 16% of Italians trust their legal system.  And judging by the fact that people are still claiming that it is corrupt today, that percentage is most likely still accurate.

Italy’s justice system needs to be updated.  Not just because an American is to be put on trial there, but because it necessary.  For anyone to get a completely fair trial, some changes must be made.


One thought on “Double Jeopardy & the Italian Legal System

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Sara,
    I completely agree with you in your vision of the Italian legal system. Unfortunately, it looks equally bad in Spain and we similarly have a very negative system of our laws and the way justice is done. As you rightly said, the system needs to change for the benefit of the whole Italian nation.

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