Day of Tears

The first blog I wrote was about the issue dealing with immigration and how Italians are acting over it. Today’s topic deals with that directly. Yesterday, Thursday October Third, of the coast of Italy close to the island Lampedusa a boat carrying hundreds of immigrants sunk, killing many of them. At least 111 have been found, 155 alive and at least 200 are unaccounted for. The refugees are from the Horn of Africa, and spent almost two weeks a board floating to the coast. The survivors have been sent to a reception center where over one thousands immigrants are already over crowded. Pope Francis spoke on the matter while visiting the birth place of Saint Francis, calling for action to help immigrants migrate to Europe much safer and calling the day, “Today is a Day of Tears”.  This is not the first tragedy that has happen in recent weeks, on Monday 13 men drown fter the boat began to sink and at keast 500 drown in 2012 alone. The U.N. believes that the reason for deaths are due to the overcrowded boats, the structure of the boats, and that so many are trying to escape Africa that the people will do practically anything. Also, in 2012 over 15,000 refugees fled Africa and immigrated toEurope mostly through Italy. Even though many are against immigration we as first world nations can not turn away people that are trying to achieve a better life. We must do what we can to help and save as many lives as we can. Even though the death toll is high the U.N. and the Italian coast guard are making prgress, the U.N. believes that have significantly prevented the loss of many lives. These people are risking their lives to escape almost certain death in their homeland to better their lives. Pope Francis is right in saying this is the a day of tears because the day the privileged turn their backs on the less fortunate, then it truly is a sad mournful day.


One thought on “Day of Tears

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Josh,
    I could not agree more with your post. As a native of Spain, and especially from southern Spain, close to the strait with Africa, I have seen the effects of desperation on northern Africans wanting to escape their present conditions and make a better life for themselves and their families. I also think that the privileged should be more socially responsible and listen to the less fortunate.

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