Inter Milan

Growing up, I was raised as an American child. Football, baseball, occasionally hockey, and of course, golf, were the sports I had known the best. My father played soccer all through high school, and was a smalltime soccer fan. But I never picked up on soccer. I had thought it looked boring, and in my opinion, just plain dumb. All of that changed when my dad came home from Iraq with a bootleg Inter kit.The black and blue stripes and the collar on the shirt was so amazing to me. I instantly went to the computer and looked up this foreign name. I was astounded by soccer from that very instant on. After moving to Washington, DC, I fell in love with playing the game. I spent hours outside at the park with random people just playing pick up games. Inter Milan has had a rich history of soccer in Italy, many greats have played there, and before discovering the Premier League, was my favorite team. Italy is rich in soccer history, winning 4 world cups, and countless other awards. Italy is a well known soccer state, and with soccer becoming even more popular around the world, it’s only sure to become a bigger powerhouse in the soccer world. Inter Milan inspired me to begin to play soccer, so in a round about way, Italy inspired me!


One thought on “Inter Milan

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Shane,
    Thanks for sharing your story with us. I have been a big soccer fan all my life and I understand your interest in Inter Milan perfectly. I love Real Madrid and I am very passionate about its history. By the way, why was your father in Iraq? Mine was there when I was only 12. He used to be a civil engineer and he was sent to work in the building of some zocos (market) and a highway structure. I still remember the items he brought from his stay there. Everything looked so exotic and fascinating to me. I believe this triggered my desire to travel and be exposed to new cultures.

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