Jessica Hessom: Post #3 (The Pope)

Pope Francis is currently the 266th man serving as the Pope and bishop of the Catholic Church in Vatican City.  Vatican City is basically the Catholic Church’s headquarters of the world.  Vatican City is actually where Pope Francis resides as well.  He became the Pope, bishop of Rome on March 13th, 2013. Therefore, Pope Francis is very new to the papacy.  He was preceded by Pope Benedict XVI, whom resigned from the papacy on February 28th, 2013 due to his weakness of his mind and his body because of old age.  Pope Francis is definitely a Pope of “firsts.”  Since Pope Francis was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he is the first Pope from the Americas and the southern hemisphere.  He also carries more liberal views than the many Popes before him.  He does not discourage homosexual orientation.  He only believes that homosexual acts are sins against God.  Therefore, if someone is a homosexual but does not act on his or her sexuality, he believes that God can save him or her.  Also, Pope Francis is an activist of women’s rights.  He also believes that it is very important to listen and understand the views and opinions of young people because they are the ones that will be in charge of the world in the future.  Pope Francis is a much more understanding and open-minded man compared to the many Popes before him.  He is a Pope who is very passionate about equal rights for men and women in the church as well, aside from women in the priesthood.


One thought on “Jessica Hessom: Post #3 (The Pope)

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Jess,
    Good post about our new Pope Francisco (Francis). I also think that he is much more liberal and open to discuss modern and contemporary social issues. I am very optimistic about the future dialog with the Catholics around the world.
    Grazie mille.

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