Laura Pausini – Italian singer



Laura Pausini, an Italian pop singer-songwriter and record producer. She’s an amazing singer. I am talking about her since when I was little I watched this soap opera named “La Madrastra”. I watched it every week with my mother, grandmother and brothers. We loved it so much, it was a very interesting and easy to understand novel where the characters in the play are really good actors. And probably you’re asking yourself what does this have to do with Laura Pausini? Well, because the theme song was one of her popular songs named “Viveme”. After loving this song I started to listen to her. I really do appreciate this great pop singer.

She has been succeeding since the 90’s. Her powerful voice, traditional romanticism of Italian songs has continued to occur in the music scene. The date that it all started was February 25, 1993 with only nineteen years old, won the prestigious San Remo Festival. After this she recognized she was meant to study music and so she did. Her first disc of music is named Laura Pausini. The latest album is Resta, whose Spanish version is titled Listen. Also, she has managed to sell over a million copies. Still today she’s recognized by many people around the world.


This is her. Beautiful woman!






One thought on “Laura Pausini – Italian singer

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Stephanie,
    I also like Laura Pausini. I have been listening to her since she started winning the San Remo festival. She has a powerful voice and a very distinctive melodic nature in her songs. She represents the traditional romantic Italian music. I smiled when I read your reference about “La madrastra’. I also like Hispanic serial drama and music is truly an important component which accompanies the opening and closing credits and especially, important scenes in very episode, even representing some main characters.

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