Pope Francis

Italians are in love with the recently new Pope Francis, which I also believe is gaining lots of popularity around the world. Pope Francis is nothing like his past predecessors. Unlike those who held the title before him, Francis is very open and speaks freely about topics that have been conservative issues in history. Opening up and freely discussing these issues has brought much attention worldwide. The Italian people have become a big supporter of Francis. Not only does he discuss these sensitive topics with ideas that conflict the historical views from the Catholic Church, but he also is very unique in the sense that he lives the life that the Church preaches. Francis is very dedicated to helping the poor and sick and unlike those Popes in the past, he demanded to not be treated as a “prestigious” figure. Instead of living in the fancy housing in the Vatican, he chose to live in a typical apartment. He also avoids using private drivers and transportation and instead uses public transportation and walks. Pope francis is a very ordinary man who sets a great example and for the first time I believe actually practice what he preaches. These reasons and others have won the hearts of the Italians. The people see this guy as a revolutionary in the Church, in some ways. While the participation rate of Catholics is declining in Italy, many see this guy as a savior for the religion and hope that his style of leading the Church can change the decline in practicing Catholics.  Francis offers understanding and forgiveness to those who may not be perfect and focuses on welcoming all. Though he is not following the paths of the Church leaders before him, he is creating lots of attention and lots of support from people in Italy. The reason I chose this news article is because it is very interesting. Given that I am Catholic it is great to see a Pope have this much impact. Never before in my life have I witnessed a Pope act this way or lead in this way, and I am a big supporter of Francis. He seems to be bringing the teachings of the Church to real life and is opening up in a way that protects the teachings but does so with understanding that not everyone is perfect and there is still room for everyone. I think this is a great thing for the Catholic Church and I hope it helps the Catholic religion gain support.  





One thought on “Pope Francis

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Dante,
    I completely agree with you. I am also very optimistic about Pope Francis’s role in these new times for the Catholic Church. I think that he will bring positive changes and it is refreshing to see how humble and open he is about his position.
    Grazie mille.

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