Salvami is a song that is number one, on October 3, 2013. This song is about a couple wanting one another to save each other, hence the title “Salvami” which means “Save Me”. It is a song about how they want each other to help them not to sink, to teach them how to love each other, they want the relationship to be far and equal and don’t want one person to love the other person more or put more effort into the relationship than the other.

I choose to write a blog about a song that is number one on a list of songs recently because I found that I can understand the pronunciation and meanings of words in italian. When I listen and watch the video’s I understand what they are saying, it’s easier to me to understand the meanings of words and phrases when they are in song or something that is interesting to me. That is why I did this particular song.



One thought on “Salvami

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Balee,
    Questa e una bella canzone! I love the raspy voice of Gianna Nannini and Giorgia’s enuncitation is very clear. In fact, the lyrics go beyond a romantic plot. They deal with loving other people and making mistakes but getting up after falling every single time because life is about love. It is a beautiful song and I am glad you chose it. As I usually say in class, listening to music is one of the most effective tools to train your ear to a foreign accent and to get immersed in the culture.
    Grazie mille!

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