The Borgia’s

 The Borgia’s are one of the most Italian families of all time. They were known for their cunning way as well as their blood lust. Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia, who started out as a simple monk but through his ambition became Pope Alexander VI, headed the holy city of Rome in the late 15th century. Rodrigo Borgia was always considered an outsider because he was not a native of Italy but instead born in Spain. Rodrigo was not well like among the nobility of Italy but they did fear him. It was not uncommon at this time for the pope to have lovers and Borgia was not different, he had a long time lover that gave him four children, one daughter(Lucrezia) and three sons (Cesare, Giovanni aka Juan, and Gioffre). This was idea because one son could join the church, the other sever in the papal guard and the last to inherit the family riches. His family was know for doing anything to keep them in power, even murderer.  This family has been the center of much talk both in the 15th century and the 21st. Their name has been used in movies as well as TV series.   


One thought on “The Borgia’s

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon pomeriggio Kelsey,
    I think you did a very good job summarizing the main events behind the Borgia’s family name. There were also incestuous rumors about Lucrezia and her relationship to Cesare and even to her father. I also think that part of the bad reputation was due to political rivalries, and hatred.

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