Jessica Hessom: Post #4 (Italian Music)

Italian music has always been well-known for having beautiful melodies.  Italian music is usually very romantic as well.  Italians sing mainly about love for another person, place, thing, etc. and the deep passions that they possess.  Italian music has always been heavily influenced by Italian culture, geography, history, etc.  Italians enjoy writing and singing songs about political movements, cultural events, and civil rights.  For example, in class, we watched a music video for “La Differenza Tra Me E Te” by Tiziano Ferro.  This song was written about Ferro himself and the differences between him (someone who is unsure of himself) and another person who is quite sure about where his or her life is headed.  The deeper meaning of this song is directly related to Ferro’s uncertainty about his sexuality.  Since Italy is one of the most conservative European countries, it was a large internal struggle for him to come out of the closet about his sexuality years after the release of this song.  “La Differenza Tra Me E Te” is not only a song about civil rights and equality; it is also a song about a personal struggle as well.  On the lighter, more romantic side of Italian music, our class listened to a very beautiful song called “Volare” by Domenico Modugno.  “Volare” is one of the most popular and passionate Italian love ballads of the 20th century.  Italian music has a wide variety of expressive traits and beautiful lyrics.  What makes Italian music even more popular today is the fact that Italian singers are starting to make songs in other languages as well, like Spanish and English, to create an even larger fan base!


One thought on “Jessica Hessom: Post #4 (Italian Music)

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Jess,
    What a great post this was! I loved how you connected the songs we have heard in class with Italian passion for music and civil rights. Yes, Tiziano Ferro came out in the middle of his success and luckily, it did not negatively affect his profession or his fans base. I hope my next selection of songs still triggers a response from you, 🙂

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