Carnevale Di Venezia

Venice is carnival is known for its bigger then life costumes and over the top masks. The Venice Carnival origins are to be found in two ancient traditions: the Latin Saturnalia and the Greek Dionysian cults – major religious festivals involving the use of masks and symbolic representations.  The nobles of the city would have richly designed masks made for them to wear for every night of the carnival.  The Carnival in Venice history as an official public holiday, however, began only in 1296, when a decree of the Senate declared a public holiday the day before the beginning of Lent. During WWII Mussolini banned the carnival but was not fully reborn until 1979 when a group of enthusiasts attempted to revive Venetian Carnival. Now it’s back bigger than ever and people travel all over the globe to take part in the diverse art’s from theater to street performers. It creates a mystical, magical dreamland.



One thought on “Carnevale Di Venezia

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Kelsey,
    Grazie mille for your blog! I love carnival and the Carnival of Venezia is a beautiful and elegant tradition, well-known because of the richness of the costumes and the fine ornaments that accompany the exquisite masks. I hope you have the chance to experience it one day, 🙂

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