Hands down my favorite thing about being Italian is the amazing food. Of course, you don’t have to have family from Italy to be able to experience the food, but it is a huge benefit. I’m much closer with my mom’s side than my dad’s side of the family. We see each other for almost every holiday or excuse we can. Fortunately for me, my mom’s side is the Italian side. Italy is known for centering/making the main focus of their gatherings family and food. That being said, whenever we get together, there are always large amounts of amazing homemade food. My family home makes gnocchi, ricotta, panna cotta, bread and wine. These are only a few, so I’ll name some traditional foods that Italy is known for/that come from Italy. The number one traditional Italian food is pasta. Pizza, gelato, tiramisu, risotto, mortadella, spumoni, canoli, mozzarella, and parmigiana are other well known foods from Italy. Antipasta is the Italian word for appetizer. Some examples are bruschetta, insalata, and tortano. Lunch used to be the most important and largest meal of the day, but nowadays it is dinner. They have time for an afternoon snack and then eat dinner. Dinner typically contains 3-5 courses that is not rushed at all but rather spent savoring the meal. These courses contain dessert and coffee/alcohol. I always look forward to dinner with my family because they allow some of my cousins and I a small glass of my Pappap’s homemade wine (which is amazing I must add) just because in Italy we would legally be allowed to. I wish Americans valued and savored food more like Italians!



My family!


One thought on “Food

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Nina,
    You are so fortunate and blessed to have a such a family and especially to benefit from the wonderful home cooking! I know what you mean regarding savoring the meals. It is particularly important to sit on the table and to talk about all the things that happened in your day as well as about politics, gossip, and the news, 🙂
    Grazie mille.

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