Popes & Motorbikes

Did you know the pope owned a motorbike? No, me neither. He has a Ford Fiesta too, I always wanted a Ford Fiesta that was green. But alas, the pope isn’t selling his Ford. He is however selling his Harley, which you can now buy somewhere, probably ebay. So why does the pope have a motorbike? Well if like myself you were hoping you were about to find out our new pope was once a leather clad disgruntled youth you are in no luck, all your luck is gone. Instead it was gifted to him in June when about forty thousand men and women (hopefully not children) came to Rome to have themselves and their beloved Harley’s blessed. They were there to celebrate the 110th birthday of Harley Davidson. The money garnered from the auction will be given to local charitable organizations, which is less surprising. And now we’re free to start regifting.


One thought on “Popes & Motorbikes

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Emily,
    What an interesting and funny piece of news! I had no idea about Pope Francis’ motorbike but I am glad that the gift will serve to raise money for those in need, 🙂

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