D’Angelo Family Name

There was a ton of noble families that came out of the Italian region of Venice. One of these families was the D’Angelos. Folks in this region usually went by one name, but around the 10th century,  as the population increased, a last name had to be adopted. D’Angelo is said to have been a nickname for the first one to carry this name. Since D’Angelo means “From the Angel”, its possible the first one with this name was one of a religious status. As I talked about before in one of my earlier posts, my family is from the northern part of Italy, in the Abbruzo region. Now last names that started in Italy are categorized by a large number of spelling variations. This ties into the northern region in that Northern names often end in the letter “o” where as the southern names end more so in an “i”.




One thought on “D’Angelo Family Name

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Drake,
    What an interesting topic. As we discussed in class, “D’Angelo” could also refer to the fact that the founder of this noble lineage was actually called “Angelo”, a popular first name, since “D’Angelo” also means “son of Angel”.Good point about the spelling difference between northern and southern regions in Italy!

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