Employment Issue for the Young

According to an article from BBC News, young Italians are having a difficult time finding employment in Italy which is giving them two option, work on the “black market” or emigrate. Black market employment is as obvious as it sounds, but specifically there is not contract in which the workers are working under and there are no taxes paid. This is illegal employment. There are many issues that are leading to these problems. In the south, most italian industries are seasonal and only hire for a short time period. The short-term jobs are temporary and are intended to fill the gap until people can find a permanent position, but that isn’t happening. The only way to find work is by going to the black market. Another factor that is leading to less legal hiring is the high taxes that come along with employees. Employers are forced to pay high taxes on each employee when they are working under a contract, so it cost much less to just pay someone for work through a non-contractual employment. The regulations surrounding the Italian government is part of the problem but not much has been done. It has got to the point where death threats are made to advisors of government officials and even murders. It is a political issue that effects many people across Italy. It has become very difficult for young workers in Italy to plan for their future because a career is not promising and employment is hard to find.

I chose this news article because of the somewhat similar situation in the United States. Unlike Italy we do not have large amount of people flocking to “black market” job, but we do have the same problem with the young Americans finding it difficult to get a job. For example, we had the Occupy Wall Street protests in 201 that consisted of young college graduates who could not find work. The problem in the United States is that we have a culture and a society that before promised jobs to those who went to college. In the past several years, this promise has diminished due to the economic recession and other factors as well. The relations between the two countries is very interesting because it seems that when the world economies are suffering the young generations are taking the hit. It is not promising to hear this when you are in college and building up debt. 


Reference: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-24734058



One thought on “Employment Issue for the Young

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Dante,
    Again, what a great blog you wrote on this interesting piece of news. Yes, it is discouraging to read about it when you are a young college student still thinking about graduating and finding a job eventually. I can tell you that your conclusion is very certain. In Spain, the economic recession has been enormous and at present, there is a 26% unemployment rate average but if you look at the percentage for young Spaniards, the rate doubles! This is awful and very depressing. However, I had not heard about the threats and the murders and I was very shocked. I hope the situation starts getting back to normal because Italy’s internal problems are already too entangled with the mafia as to have further ramifications connected now to unemployment rates and taxes constraints.

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