Grotta Palazzese

Located in Southern Italy, Grotta Palazzese (The Summer Cave) is a one of kind dining experience.  It’s only open in the summer (as its name suggests), but you probably wouldn’t want to dine there any other time. Why? It’s in a cave (hence the other part of its name) along the Mediterranean Sea.



I saw a picture of the restaurant tweeted and was so intrigued! It’s connected to a hotel, but you don’t need to be staying overnight there to dine.  Such an atmosphere is remarkably unique, because yes, a lot of places over views of water, and I’m sure a lot of dining establishments in Italy boast of their views of the Mediterranean Sea, but this is the only one inside a limestone cave.

The seating ranges from intimate (two people) to a quaint get together (3-5).  I’m sure getting a reservation is difficult, but if I were ever given a chance, I wouldn’t hesitate.  Nothing could be more calming than listening to the waves lap at the stone beneath you.  It appears that there are even decks atop the grotto, should a couple prefer to have the sky above them and their food.


One thought on “Grotta Palazzese

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Alyssa,
    What a great place! I found your description and the picture equally fascinating and I did my research because I had not heard about it before. By the way, thanks for sharing this with us, 🙂
    I would definitely want to go!!!

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