Italian Drinks

Being a bartender I think its interesting how Italians make drinks differently than Americans. Also how there are different types of alcohol and different names of drinks. By using website I have learned they make drinks in a similar way by using a shakers. Aperitfis are a type of brand of Italian liqueurs which includes martinis, cinzano and Campari. Same as Americans alcohol beverages can be sweet, dry, cold, warm and ect. What the big different from these different cultures is what the people choose to consume over the other. Americans are not as a wine culture than Italians. Wine became more popular for religion such as Christian and Moslem. Most of the rich and popular wine is from the Western European countries. The American choice of liquor is more like beer and spirits.  Also found that Americans drink to get drunk and Italians or any other European culture drink for family events and Christian reasons such as out of a challis. One of the alcohols I found that I use at the car and Italians use is Frangelico, which is very popular in Italy. Frangelico is hazelnut liquor it is nice for dinners or espresso for coffee.


One thought on “Italian Drinks

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Katelyn,
    Grazie mille per il tuo blog. I am glad to see that you did research on something of your interest and that you learned interesting information. As you rightly said, in some countries, drinking is a social act which you do to have fun with your friends, especially while eating something, but it is not the goal or end of your day. Actually getting drunk ruins the interaction with others and we try to avoid it. Frangelico is a very good liquor and I like it with my coffee, 🙂

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