Jessica Hessom: Post #5 (Hand Gestures)

Italian people are very well-known for “talking with their hands.”  Italians are very gesture-oriented people when it comes to having conversations with others.  As a part of an Italian family, I know that we Italians use our hands in order to put emphasis on certain important parts of a conversation.  When I was a young child in school, my teachers would joke around with me and say that I needed to start sitting on my hands while I speak so that I do not distract people with all of my hand motions!  As an Italian, I have also noticed that my Italian grandparents use more and more hand gestures the more frustrated or angry that they become in a conversation.  Also, they would use excessive hand gestures to express extreme happiness.  As we learned in class, Italian people have hand gestures to express many works, actions, or characteristics about everyday life.  For example, my grandma used to always put her hand to her mouth and say “mangia” when we would sit down at the dinner table to eat.  Also, I have seen her use her pinky finger many times to say that someone is too skinny when we went out in public.  My pap pap was a smoker when I was a young child and he would ask his brother for a cigarette with hand motions and not with words.  Finally, when I was a young child and my grandmother would babysit me, she would ask me if I was tired and wanted to take a nap by placing her hands together at the side of her head and leaning to that side.  Many of the gestures that we learned about in class I was already very familiar with because of growing up in a home with Italians. 


One thought on “Jessica Hessom: Post #5 (Hand Gestures)

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Jess,
    Thanks again for incorporating the class content with your blog. I am glad to know that you were familiar with many of the hand gestures we saw in class. I particularly love to see people speaking with their hands. That’s so much fun to me. In my family we like to do that but there are always some family members more expressive than others, :0

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