Reason for Italian

The reason I chose to take Italian instead of Spanish as many people have suggested to me is actually quite simple, my passion. My passion is history, every part of history fascinates me and more directly is Italian history and ever more specifically the Catholic Church. There are very few western historians that in some way have a love for Italian history. The history of Italy has been written through blood and tears, from the once great Roman Empire to the Catholic Church to the Renaissance period. Everything about the Italian culture to me is absolutely fascinating. Many Catholic Church doctrine is either written in Italian or has been translated from Latin. Reading actual Church doctrine and being able to translate it myself would be one of my life long passion. Many people have asked me if I am Catholic because of how passionate I am about the Church and the going ons within it. When I answer no, the next question I am asked is if I am Italian or have any connection to the country. Again, I say no I just have a love and passion for the country and its history. I truly hope I can achieve my goal of learning Italian and one day be able to read a piece of history from the Church and stand in the Vatican looking at the beauty and history. 


One thought on “Reason for Italian

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Jonathan,
    Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I truly understand you because I also love history and especially, how history repeats itself through time. Italy’s history is deeply entangled with the evolution of culture and the arts. I hope your dream to visit Italy, read a piece from the Church in Italian, and stand in the Vatican admiring its beauty in awe does come true, 🙂

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