Spaghetti, Risotto, Gnocchi, and more!

Food is a staple of Italian culture, and is probably the most popular type of food in the world. Everyone loves at least one staple of Italian food, from pasta to pizza, there is an Italian food for everyone. There are many key parts of most Italian food, namely being Olive Oil, Tomatoes, fresh herbs, and cheese. Many Italian foods utilize tomatoes and tomato based sauces to maximum effect. Wine is also a staple of Italian culture and cuisine. Italy has many famous wines, and is well known for its vineyards, which date back to Roman times, although Greeks were creating wine in the Italian region even before the Romans came into existence. There are many famous wines that come from Italy, including; Moscato and Pinot Grigio. Italian cuisine is also known for it’s desserts and sweets! Namely, gelato, cannoli, panna cotta, and various forms of coffee. My personal favorite being the divine cannoli, although cannolis are actually Sicilian in origin. Cappucino and espresso are widely known as Italian as well. All in all, Italy has a huge culture, and a huge part of the huge culture is cuisine. Italian food is known and celebrated world-wide. Italian food can be sweet, savory, and everything in between, and that’s why it is some of my favorite food around.


One thought on “Spaghetti, Risotto, Gnocchi, and more!

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Shane,
    I also love cannoli! They are wonderful. Whenever I see that famous scene of The Godfather III at the opera, I feel tempted to eat a bunch, without poison, of course, 🙂
    Grazie mille!

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