Jessica Hessom: Post #6 (Italian Drinks)

Italians have their own favorite alcoholic drinks just like many other cultures in the world.  First of all, as in many other cultures, Italians believe that one glass of wine or one beer a day keeps your heart healthy and your body strong.  For example, my pap was from Italy and he had a very similar take on one alcoholic drink per day.  Often times, he would drink a glass of red wine at dinner if we ate a heavy meal, like steak or spaghetti.  If we ate a lighter meal, like chicken or salads, he would drink a glass of some type of white wine.  He seemed to have a type of wine that he would drink with certain meals all of the time.  However, my pap knew to drink in moderation.  I don’t believe that I ever saw him have more than one drink in a given day.  Also, my grandma was from Italy as well.  She did not really like wine, but she really enjoyed drinking a little bit of Frangelico or Godiva once in a while.  I remember that she would sometimes mix either of those with her coffee or drink them by themselves with desserts.  My grandma was a very good cook and baker whom sometimes would add a little bit of Amaretto to a cake or a batch of cookies just to add some extra flavor.  Amaretto has an almond taste that compliments desserts very well.  Limoncello is also a very popular Italian liquor.  I was on a cruise this past summer and the waiters would come around to my table after I had finished my dinner and offer my family and I some Limoncello.  They bragged that Limoncello is one of the best Italian liquors and that it goes great with any dessert.    


One thought on “Jessica Hessom: Post #6 (Italian Drinks)

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Jess,
    I can certainly tell you that limoncello goes well with everything, 🙂 I absolutely love it as well as amaretto. You are right. It is very popular to add liquor to desserts to add it flavor. One of my favorite ice-cream is the rum and raisins combination, or the whisky. It is a pity that you cannot find those flavors here. By the way, the benefits of drinking one (and you are right about drinking just one!) glass of red wine a day are scientifically proven. In fact, my dad’s doctor strongly recommended him to do this after he suffered a heart attack many years ago as a cardiac prevention treatment and it has worked wonders, :0
    I think your family is a wise one!!

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