North and South Italy

Divided Country

The difference between Southern and Northern Italy is strong which include: accent, attitude and traditions. In the south of Italy people work differently from northerners. Since southerners have a break between 1:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m. in a workday. They call this break “siesta.” They see the “siesta” time as something holly. The northern Italians work very hard. They work for long hours and people say they are the “power” of Italy.

If you are in the south of Italy, you can never arrive at your destination on time. The trains are a huge problem in all parts of Italy; you will always be late. If you have any flights it’s better leave one day ahead of time in the south, but in the north it’s easy to find another option. If southern Italians cross their friends or relatives, it takes such a long time to say “ciao.” Italy is known as a country of people who can’t say “goodbye”. Southern Italians cannot stop talking and they talk really loudly but northern Italians have no time to stop to talk. They are warm-blooded people; they love talking, they love sharing memories, they love drinking, they love eating, they love teaching, they love learning. In other words, they love living. They never mind anything. They get angry easily but after some minutes also they forget it easily. Northern Italians seem more stressful, tired and preoccupied then the southerners.

Another difference is language. Yes, it is really important especially in the south of Italy. Southern Italians use body language and their hands to talk. But if we’re talking about northerners, almost all the people can speak English or another language.

I decided to talk about this because it reminds me a lot of my home (Puerto Rico). I can say we are all crazy and there’s no difference like in Italy but yes, we are very home welcoming when it comes to other people. We are very caring, loving, and we do enjoy conversing with people for long hours. We talk very loud and do too many hand signs. It’s always important to be nice and kind. So yes, we have some characteristics in common.



One thought on “North and South Italy

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Stephanie,
    I enjoyed your post and even though it deals with stereotypes that Italians per se have about their own country, there is a lot of truth in certain things such as the expressiveness in talking, the time to greet and converse with each other, and the way southerners seem to enjoy life more. Similarly, as a Spaniard, and because Puerto Rico is connected to Spain in its Hispanic culture and traditions, I see a lot of similarities between the southern way of life and the way we Hispanic people approach to life, 🙂

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