St. Maria Goretti

Catholicism has strong ties to Italy, it is after all called Roman Catholicism. It is therefore no surprise that many canonized saints derive from Italy, one of the youngest is Maria Goretti. Maria was born in October of 1890 in Corinaldo. She was the third, of seven, children born to Assunta Carlini and Luigi Goretti, who died when Maria was just nine. Roughly two years after her father passed away tragedy would strike the family again. This time in the form of nineteen year old farmhand Alessandro Serenelli. On July 5, 1902 Serenelli attacked Maria, his intention was to rape her, but she resisted. Eventually leading him to stab eleven year old Maria numerous times. Maria died the next day due to the inoperable injuries inflicted by Alessandro. On her deathbed she forgave her murderer, after his release many years later her mother did as well. Serenelli was sentenced to a life sentence, which was computed to thirty years, as he was considered a minor by Italian standards, at the time. After his release he repented and became involved with the Friars Minor Capuchin. He lived and worked in the monastary until his own death in 1970.


One thought on “St. Maria Goretti

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Emily,
    Although I was familiar with Santa Maria Goretti, I did not really know his biography in detail and especially, the fact that Alessandro repented later in life and lived a monastic life. No wonder this was one reason why she was canonized. Her miraculous effect took place even after death.
    Grazie mille.

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