The Beast

Yesterday something very interesting happened involving the Mafia in Sicily. Toto Riina who has lived his life behind bars for murder and other crimes reached out and threatened a prosecutor. Toto Riina aka the “Beast” is still even though he is behind bars to be very dangerous. Toto Riina at the height of his power was considered the “boss of bosses” of Sicily, Italian and all of the mafia ties throughout that part of the world. While watching the a trial, Riina said that he would kill Nino Di Matteo like a “tuna” referring to “mattanza” where tuna are driven into big nets and slaughtered. . It is believed that Riina has killed at least 40 people and ordered the death of many more. Over the past decade many operations and joint task forces have hit the Mafia hard and have diminished their power throughout the country significantly due to major arrests and the confiscation of many assets.  Even so the Italian government is taking the necessary precautions to protect the people that could be endanger. This to me is very interesting. This story shows how powerful the Mafia still is and how it may never disappear. As a lover of history nothing is more interesting than the Mafia and the rumors and facts surrounding it. Even though this is very interesting this stereotype affects peoples outlook on many Italians and has not gone away. I also hope that even though interesting no one loses their life over trying to do the right thing.


One thought on “The Beast

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buona sera Jonathan,
    A very interesting post! I am always saddened by these facts because you are very right. Mafia is still very powerful in the country and it makes Italians be forever connected to the stereotype of being mob bosses or hit men. I also hope that honest and decent people do not lose their lives trying to do the right thing.

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