Buon Natale

With the holidays quickly approaching I thought an interesting topic would be Thanksgiving in Italy. But seeing as that’s a mostly American holiday I decided Christmas would be best. Christmas is celebrated in Italy from December 24 to January 6, the feast of the Epiphany. In Italy Babbo Natale or Father Christmas comes much like Santa does here in the US however the main day of gift giving is on the Epiphany, though gift giving is slowly becoming more popular on Christmas Day. Popular traditions such as Christmas Trees, decorations and Lights are also rising in popularity, usually begging to appear around December 8th,  Feast of the Immaculate Conception. For my family the Holiday season also ends on the 6th of January. This is a tradition my Grandmother used to have and so therefore my mother has also adopted. However we start decorating much earlier than the 8th. Usually the lights go on very early due to family visits and just overall convenience and the house is decorated the weekend after we celebrate Thanksgiving.


One thought on “Buon Natale

  1. judithgarcia says:

    Buon giorno Chris,
    I am so glad to know that in your family they follow the tradition of receiving gifts during the Epiphany. It is one of my favorite days, 🙂

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