Carbone’s recently celebrating 75 years!



Nat (Left) and his wife Mary (right).

Carbone’s restaurant dates back to the 1930’s when Crabtree was a booming company town, mining coal with coke ovens all around. The Great Depression hit Crabtree very hard. Mines and the coke plant closed down. When it did shut down, the Jamison family put up their company buildings for sale. One of these buildings could have been bought for only 200 bucks! in ’36 Nat Jr. and Mary bought the big community building. The upstairs of the building was for bands, roller skating and dances. The downstairs was a confectionary store, bowling alleys and barber shop. So Mary and Nat fixed up an apartment upstairs and kept just the barber shop downstairs. A little whiles after it was opened up, someone asked if Mary would make food for them, so she made sandwiches and soups. Oh if she only knew what she started. The food became really popular and people were lining up for it. Realizing the potential and popularity, in ’38 Nat Jr. thought he’d get a liquor license since the prohibition was over. Mary wanted no part of this beer hall. She said “Did you want a business partner or a wife?”. So no go on the liquor license, until the next day. Mary said “A restaurant yes! a beer-hall – no! And it has to be a family restaurant!” So the legacy of being a family owned, family operated, oriented restaurant was born, and going strong today.





One thought on “Carbone’s recently celebrating 75 years!

  1. Judith Garcia-Quismondo says:

    Buona sera Drake,
    What a great story! I loved the black and white picture and how you narrated the events leading to the opening of the family restaurant. What a good way to start, 🙂 Thanks God for Mary’s determination, ha, ha.

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