Antonio Del Pollaiolo

Antonio Del Pollaiolo was an amazing artist in the 15th century who made in impact before Leonardo de Vinci started being known.  He was an Italian painter, sculptor, engravers and goldsmith. He shows us these beautiful distinct bodies. His use of anatomy is phenomenal he was the first artist that used dissection in the body. This was illegal back in the day, but what artists wasn’t a rebel. One of his pieces you would notice the anatomy study of the male nude was called the Battle of the Ten Nudes, ca 1465. He wanted to show his patrons how much he knows. Now this art is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in New York. He started a new level of art with the realism. He also pleased the rich trying to give them what they want. This is when people were interested in mythology. His mythology piece is called Apollo and Daphne a painting in, which Florence is behind her. Once Apollo touched Daphne trees crew out of her arms that is the myth.



Italian Drinks

Being a bartender I think its interesting how Italians make drinks differently than Americans. Also how there are different types of alcohol and different names of drinks. By using website I have learned they make drinks in a similar way by using a shakers. Aperitfis are a type of brand of Italian liqueurs which includes martinis, cinzano and Campari. Same as Americans alcohol beverages can be sweet, dry, cold, warm and ect. What the big different from these different cultures is what the people choose to consume over the other. Americans are not as a wine culture than Italians. Wine became more popular for religion such as Christian and Moslem. Most of the rich and popular wine is from the Western European countries. The American choice of liquor is more like beer and spirits.  Also found that Americans drink to get drunk and Italians or any other European culture drink for family events and Christian reasons such as out of a challis. One of the alcohols I found that I use at the car and Italians use is Frangelico, which is very popular in Italy. Frangelico is hazelnut liquor it is nice for dinners or espresso for coffee.

Inspirational Italian Artists: Raphael

Raphael was also known as a high renaissance painter. He is one of my favorites because he is known to exaggerate drawing in the form of a person. His drawings are expressive which is his planning for the paintings. His rival was Michelangelo during this time of history of western art. Raphael also worked in Florence just like Michelangelo he was a productive admired painter. One of Raphael’s memorable jobs was being an architect of St. Peters after the death of Donato Bramante. He painted some of the supreme prized and reproduced holy pictures. Of the era he painted, The Sistine Madonna and Transfiguration. Because of his fabulous figures he created a harmony and had a talented eye forming balanced compositions. Something I thought was a fun fact of Raphael that I did not know was his father was a court painter and Raphael followed his father’s footsteps. His concentration was more classical interpretation of perfection, which is the reason why he is so inspiring of the atypical form of a painting.

Raphael Biography

Inspiration of Michelangelo

Michelangelo was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect, and poet made an impact on the world. By doing so he influenced his contemporaries on European art such as the Renaissance. He created a movement in art through is mannerism based on Michelangelo’s style. Michelangelo’s movement has inspired people by his complex movement of figures. In my opinion he is extremely inspirational by exploring his range of movement and expression in every medium he uses. This is something that came to me naturally as an artist by exploring, experimenting, and expressing no matter what it is. In addition, he continuously wanted to challenge himself no matter what the subject was. When he challenges himself he uses several layers of meaning behind his art including mythology, religion, and other subjects. Michelangelo had a journey similar to Leonardo by growing up in Florence traveling to Rome. One remarkable thing was Michelangelo was surrounded by masterpieces by his best teachers, ancient Greek and Roman statuary, paintings, sculpture and architecture of early Renaissance. Most of all Michelangelo never gave up continued to challenge himself no matter what even though his father disapproved his talent, he trusted himself. 11178287-the-creation-of-adam

Inspirational artists in Italy: Leonardo Da’ Vinci

Throughout my life I have always have been dreaming of going to Italy. Knowing my family came from Italy it makes it even more meaningful.  As an art major I have been planning to study abroad to learn more about the art in Italy. Italy is known for most famous Renaissance, murals, and beautiful agriculture. This is one reason I am taking this class to know how to speak and understand Italian. My professor last year told me, that in a year we might have the opportunity to go to university of Florence and combine art classes with their art students. Personally that would be a opportunity I would not want to miss.


Art is my life and passion. One of the most inspirational artists was born in Vinci, Italy. Leonardo da Vinci was a master in art. He is considered artistic geniuses of history through art, science and engineering mostly in the period of the Italian Renaissance. I have been to a few museums in my life seeing a few of his works make me want to see more. Leonardo in 1481 left Florence during this time he painted the famous Virgin of the Rocks and the Last Supper, which is one of the most popular paintings in art and also religion. Throughout da Vinci’s life he put in time for architecture, military engineering while painting. In 1506 primarily in Florence, he painted the ultimate classic, which is the Mona Lisa. Throughout his life he traveled from Florence to Milan and also Rome. While Leonardo was in Rome under the security of the brother of Pope Leo X, he found Michelangelo and Raphael.