Palazzo Madama in Turin

Turin is one of Italy’s beautiful northern cities and at the hear of it lades Palazzo Madama. Palazzo Madama houses Turin’s municipal museum of ancient art. This museum covers four different floor starting with the basement were the medieval stonework collection sets the perfect environment for the stone sculptures and jewelry. The palazzo also has a Treasure Tower, were you will find the Portrait of a Man by Antonello da Messina. The upper floors house a range from the art of the Middle Ages and of the Renaissance. This all set on the background of the beautiful 15th century castle. They also show art of the 18th and 19th century.  You will see a range of art from paintings, ceramics, ivories, jewelry, fabrics, glasswork, and much more. They offer several tours and one can get lost in the colorful and magical world of Italian art.




The city of Bologna  has been linked to great knowledge for centuries in Europe. It is located in the northern part of Italy and is one of the oldest cities in Italy. It was the first place to have that we now call a university and has been the center of learning. The University of Bologna was established around 1088. It was the center of teaching Roman law and had educated many famous people. It can claim three holy fathers of the Roman Catholic Church as alumni.  It was named after the red roofs on the house of the city. Bologna was the first place in Italy and most of Europe to allow women to study at a higher level of education. It has and continues to be leaders in Art, and Sciences as well as other studies. Bologna is also known for its cuisine.  It was made famous for its bologna, which is eaten widely. The city continues to grow and move.  It is located in the northern part of Italy and is one of the oldest cities in Italy.

Carnevale Di Venezia

Venice is carnival is known for its bigger then life costumes and over the top masks. The Venice Carnival origins are to be found in two ancient traditions: the Latin Saturnalia and the Greek Dionysian cults – major religious festivals involving the use of masks and symbolic representations.  The nobles of the city would have richly designed masks made for them to wear for every night of the carnival.  The Carnival in Venice history as an official public holiday, however, began only in 1296, when a decree of the Senate declared a public holiday the day before the beginning of Lent. During WWII Mussolini banned the carnival but was not fully reborn until 1979 when a group of enthusiasts attempted to revive Venetian Carnival. Now it’s back bigger than ever and people travel all over the globe to take part in the diverse art’s from theater to street performers. It creates a mystical, magical dreamland.


The Borgia’s

 The Borgia’s are one of the most Italian families of all time. They were known for their cunning way as well as their blood lust. Rodrigo Lanzol Borgia, who started out as a simple monk but through his ambition became Pope Alexander VI, headed the holy city of Rome in the late 15th century. Rodrigo Borgia was always considered an outsider because he was not a native of Italy but instead born in Spain. Rodrigo was not well like among the nobility of Italy but they did fear him. It was not uncommon at this time for the pope to have lovers and Borgia was not different, he had a long time lover that gave him four children, one daughter(Lucrezia) and three sons (Cesare, Giovanni aka Juan, and Gioffre). This was idea because one son could join the church, the other sever in the papal guard and the last to inherit the family riches. His family was know for doing anything to keep them in power, even murderer.  This family has been the center of much talk both in the 15th century and the 21st. Their name has been used in movies as well as TV series.   

Fashion & Film

Italy Is know for its fashion and film. For a week every fall and spring the world turns its eyes to Milan for the latest fashions. I love to watch what new designer  are up and come but also I love to see what the big names have cooked up for the seasons. Many of the well know names if fashion are form Italy, I believe its because the Italian people have a eye for beauty. Everyday women in Italy are always well dressed and take pride in what they are wearing, which is very different from the women in the US.  Another thing that i love about the Italians is there film. I love movies and always I am  on the look out for a great foreign film. I think one of my most favorite Italian films is Io sono l’amore or in english I am loved. This film is about colorful and rich not just in its plot but the whole feel of it is beautiful. The director takes everything even the little details in to consideration. It makes for the most striking movie. Its a feats for the mind and eyes. This film is one that I believe everyone should watch.

I am Love trailer

Fashion Week Spring 2013

Romulus & Remus & Rome


Italy is a very diverse and lively place that I have always wanted to travel to. As a history major I love all the history of Rome.  Rome has a history that is covered in blood, lost and beauty. One of the most fascinating things that I have found about Rome was the legend of its founding. In the legend the city was said to be a product of twin brothers, Romulus and Remus.  These children were abandoned by there family near the great river Tiber, were they were found by a she-wolf and she gave the children her milk. The boys were found by a poor farmer and soon grew in to brave strong young men.   They were natural leaders and set out to start their own city. There is of course more to the myth but I am not going to tell the whole story. This myth can still be seen in many statues through out Rome.  One of the most famous one is Capitoline Wolf or Lupa Capitolina, which shows both Romulus and Remus drinking milk from the she-wolf. It was first said to be housed in the pope’s palaces (Lateran) in the 14 or 15 century. It is now in the Capitoline Museums in Rome.  When I think about this myth it shows to me the respect and pride the Italian people have for their history.